Facebook may not be the only social media platform worth talking about these days, but with nearly two billion active users to its credit, it’s definitely still the one that matters most. That makes Facebook marketing an essential part of any well-rounded digital marketing campaign. However, there’s definitely a fine art to getting it right and leveraging its full potential.

Here’s how your company can do exactly that.

Customize Ads

Facebook’s ability to accurately and effectively target advertising to each individual user is absolutely uncanny. Smart marketers take full advantage of this feature by personalizing each ad and making it super-relevant to its ideal target. That said, resist the urge to distribute the same exact ad to all of your would-be customers. Instead, create multiple ads for each of your target demographics.

Know Your Customer

Maximize the potential effectiveness of your Facebook marketing campaign by using the platform’s expansive suite of tools to study your audience. Learn what they respond best to and use what you learn to make your ads more effective. You’ll save yourself and your team a fortune in time, effort, labor, and money for sure.

Pay Attention to Imagery

It’s true what they say about pictures. They really are worth a thousand words, especially on the Internet. Facebook users are literally bombarded with content from various sources each and every time they log on to pass some time. If you’re serious about getting their attention, you need to snag it quickly, and eye-catching imagery is a great way to do this. Keep in mind that your image of choice doesn’t necessarily have to be a shot of whatever you’re selling. It just needs to be something relevant that will draw the customer in and convince them your post is worth a second look.

Make Each Click Count

Facebook marketing campaigns may be effective, but they don’t come cheap, so you definitely want to make sure every decision is made with results in mind. Give some thought to where each of your ads will take your customer should they decide to click on it. Make it as easy as possible for the customer to find whatever it is they’re looking for by carefully matching landing pages with advertising efforts.

You’ll want to make sure you continue to tweak your marketing efforts into the future as well. Like everything else about the Internet, Facebook is always changing, and marketers that get results make sure their efforts adapt accordingly.