Owning a business means making sure that you have all the tools you need to make it a success. This includes making it easy for customers to learn about your products and services on their own time by making information easily accessible. To do that, you’ll likely want to consider designing a website. Your website should include all the information your customers may need, such as descriptions about your products, pricing structures, who to contact with questions and your hours of operation. In addition to these things, you want your site to look appealing to users so they can easily navigate your site.

To do that, here are some web design tips.


When designing a website, stick to a layout that’s easy to understand and navigate. You don’t need something fancy to attract your customer’s attention and in fact, a layout that’s too complicated could turn your customers off from navigating your page. Stick to a simple layout and let your content be the most interesting part of your site.


When choosing fonts for your site, be sure you pick something that’s simple and easy to read or you could drive away users. There’s no need to choose multiple fonts for your body copy, as too many different types could hurt a reader’s eyes and make them navigate away from your site. Instead, pick a nice, clean font, like something within the sans serif family, and stick to it throughout. It’s fine to choose a different font for headers to make them stand out, but you shouldn’t be switching fonts every paragraph. Along the same lines, don’t use too many colored fonts on your site as it could distract the reader or strain their eyes. Some colors won’t pass ADA approval, so keep that in mind and stick to dark fonts, preferably black. 


It’s nice to have graphics on your site to add an element of design and break up text. When choosing graphics, be sure that you select photos that are high quality and fit the content. Having an image that doesn’t fit the context of what you’re saying on your site could confuse a reader and lose their attention. Stay away from using too many flashy or animated images, and only use them very sparingly, as too many could be annoying to people. 

With these tips, you can deliver a nice, high quality website to customers. Having the right website can help your business thrive.