Technology is changing the way we consume content, and that includes how websites are designed. We’ve come a long way from the early days of websites, which included multiple font types and colors, flashy animations and slow-loading pages. Now we live in an era where less is more and sites are made to be clean and appealing and driven by quality content. In addition to this trend in website design, there are several other web development trends that are on the horizon that you should be mindful of as a business owner. Here are a few of the top web design trends to consider when you create your business’s website.

Mobile-first Design

We now live in an age where most content is consumed on mobile devices, which means that if your website isn’t designed with mobile-first in mind, you may already setting yourself up for failure. When you create your site, be sure that you’re making it to me mobile optimized for all screen types and mobile use. Whether you make your site to be adaptive to all screens or you create an app for your business, keep your on-the-go customers in mind. Remember, if you fail to have a mobile-friendly site, customers may get frustrated and leave your page without looking at any content, so avoid that and include mobile in your design plan.

Leverage AI

People now expect communication with businesses to be instantaneous thanks to social media and live chat options on most websites. This means that if you don’t have a way for customers to communicate with your business, your overall customer experience may suffer and you could see a decline in customer loyalty. Nobody expects you to work around the clock answering customer questions, which is why AI has become so popular among companies as they seek to find a solution to growing customer expectations. Leveraging AI by creating chatbots for your site can provide customers with the instant communication they need 24 hours a day. This can increase loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Single-page Websites

People love simple because they’re overloaded with information on a daily basis. That’s why keeping your page as simple as possible can improve the customer experience while they’re on your page. You can take advantage of the single-page website trend to keep things as simple as possible or your customers. These pages often depend on scrolling to find information, making navigation easier because customers don’t have to look far to find what they need. This simplicity has been shown to increase customer conversion rates, which can help your bottom line.

Building a quality website doesn’t have to be hard. With these tips, your site should be ready to meet the demands of today’s customer.