Getting a handle on your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can be simplified with the help of SEO tools. These can be complex and expensive. The good news is there are plenty of quality SEO tools that you can get started with today for free.

Google Analytics

One of the most robust free SEO tools out there, Google Analytics provides a wealth of webpage data.  There may be a slight learning curve to maximize your google analytics, but it is definitely worth the investment to understand user demographics and traffic sources.


This quality SEO tool provides you with a “Marketing Checklist” allowing you to know and correct items that can improve your SEO score. In addition to the useful marketing checklist, WooRank can help you adjust your content marketing strategy based on what users are sharing the most through the social shareability score.

Answer the Public

If you are searching for long-tail keywords to include in your content strategy, make sure you head to Answer the Public. This tool provides popular questions that are asked based on the keyword you input. The data is also separated by volume, so you can make sure you are targeting the most frequently asked questions.


Many SEO tools offer keyword planning but Ubersuggest takes this to the next level by including an SEO difficulty score. This score indicates how much competition there is for a particular keyword and therefore how difficult it is for a page to rank for it. Another helpful feature of Ubersuggest is the ability to search only for results you are interested in by filtering out irrelevant keywords.


If ranking on the first page of Google is one of your goals, you need to be using CanIRank. This tool goes beyond traditional keyword competitiveness by using AI to give you a ranking probability and suggestions for better keywords to target.

Mobile Friendly Test

Another helpful SEO tool from Google, Mobile Friendly Test helps make sure your mobile webpage isn’t hurting your rankings. It provides improvement suggestions, so if your score isn’t where you want it to be you can take action to improve it.

Optimizing your SEO is difficult without the proper tools in your toolbox. Thanks to the many quality free tools available, you can get started without breaking the bank. Make sure you maintain focus on your SEO goals and consistently use the tools that will help you achieve your desired results.