Large national corporations have the advantage of huge staffs, plentiful resources, and big budgets. Small businesses must fight harder and smarter with their tight local marketing budgets to make themselves seen and stay competitive. Here are some of the best ways to do that!

Target Your Digital Advertising Locally

One of the great benefits that digital advertising provides small businesses is its highly targetable nature. If you’re investing local marketing dollars with Facebook, for example, you can specify your desired audience demographically by age, income level or geographic location. Speaking of geography, geofencing is a tactic that enables companies to serve ads to websites or apps on laptops or mobile devices when they are near your business’ location or a specified retailer. And retargeting is a digital advertising method that utilizes cookies to “follow” customers who browse at items and push ads to unrelated apps.

Be Visibly Involved with Your Community

These days, brands can build loyalty with customers through their social engagement footprint. Businesses must think of public service as an extension of their local marketing. Your staff can volunteer at soup kitchens to feed needy people, or with your local Habitat for Humanity branch to build homes. Honestly, the sky is practically the limit when it comes to opportunities to volunteer and serve.

Support or Create Local Public Service Drives

If you want to take your service efforts a step further, your company may want to team up with a television or radio station and sponsor a charity drive. Many local media outlets hold school supply collection events over the summer, or coat and toy drives in the winter. If you can put some of your local marketing budgets towards one of these efforts, you can gain awareness, exposure, and goodwill by having your company’s name and logo be associated with them. If you can have your staff involved, you may get extra visibility if news outlets report about the event. It’s a win/win/win. The media outlet benefits, your business benefits, and most importantly, the community benefits.


Finally, never underestimate the positive power of networking. This is especially helpful if your company is new, or if your work in a specialized sector of industry like technology, where it may not be obvious what you do by your company’s name. Attend local chamber of commerce events, business mixers, and conferences, and utilize business-to-business tools like LinkedIn.

Smart marketers can make a small business seem big with a savvy approach to modern techniques like the ones we’ve suggested here.