The wide, wonderful online world we spend so much time exploring these days is always evolving and changing. New technologies and approaches to marketing change how consumers and businesses alike use the Internet on a day to day basis. Shifting social norms ensure the personal conversations people are having keep changing too. A successful digital marketing strategy needs to take all of these things into consideration, not to mention stay on top of emerging marketing trends.

Here are a few to watch this year.

Personalized Efforts

These days it’s simply not enough to offer stellar products for sale and successfully market them to the right target demographics. Standout companies are staying ahead of the game by tailoring their efforts to suit each individual type of customer they cater to. Everything from social media content, to email blasts, to new product launches instantly becomes more effective when it takes the individual into account. Learn to make it work for you too.

Video Marketing

If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking videos seem increasingly prevalent as far as digital marketing goes, it’s definitely not your imagination. The numbers are in and they all point to video’s overwhelming effectiveness. More than 50 percent of consumers say they’ve finalized purchasing decisions based on the effectiveness of a marketing video, and a whopping 70 percent say they’ve actually shared branded videos with their social circles in the past. Do your marketing videos make the grade?

Focus on Influencers

Haven’t you heard? Sponsorships aren’t just for celebrities anymore. People are turning more and more often to their social media feeds for advice on what to buy and who to buy it from. That means influencer-focused digital marketing efforts are incredibly effective, so you’ll definitely want to make them part of your plans for your company as well.

Micro Moments

Did you know that the average person spends between three and four hours on a smartphone or other mobile device every single day? A lot of that time is spent scrolling through social media feeds, browsing the web, and simply drifting from one virtual haven to another. If you’re serious about catching that person’s attention before they’re on to the next thing, you have to be quick. Micro moments are those little bites of interaction that ultimately result in a decision to eat somewhere, buy something, or share something. Make sure you’re taking advantage of them and it won’t be long before you’re seeing results!