Social media is more than just a way people pass their free time these days. It’s an increasingly important part of how people actually live their lives, not to mention the decisions they make about where to spend their money. Social media marketing is your company’s chance to grab your own piece of the pie.

Here’s how to stand out from all the white noise and make it work for you.

Use Employees to Your Advantage

Social media is such an important part of your marketing plan because it helps your target demographic develop a personal connection to your brand. Making actual people a part of your strategy is a brilliant and genuine way to facilitate this. Employees can help your company boost the signal when it comes to brand awareness, as well as defend the brand when and where needed. They can even help you curate, create, and distribute content.

Know Your Consumers

Before you can be successful at branding your company and marketing your products, you really need to know your target demographic. Who are they, what are their values, and what problems are they looking to solve? How can your products and services help them live the lives they really want to be living? You also need a solid read on who else out there may already be marketing similar solutions to those same customers. Social media marketing can help you stand out in all the right ways.

Personalize Your Options

Everyone who uses social media is familiar with how eerily well-targeted sponsored posts can be on top platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Just about every ad you see corresponds to something you’ve recently been talking about or that otherwise relates to your unique interests. That’s the magic of dynamic advertising in action, and you can make it work for your business as well. Apply what you know about your ideal customer to your advertising strategy, and prepare to experience some magic.

Connect on a Personal Level

Great social media marketing strategies always include personal one-to-one interactions with your customers, and platforms like Facebook and Twitter are powered by conversation. Use this to your advantage by allowing your company to become part of those conversations on an intimate level. Brainstorm ways you can use your company website, your products, and even other aspects of your advertising campaign to keep those conversations going. You’ll love what it does for your brand.