Making people aware of a company and sharing information is easier than ever thanks to the power of social media. One of the best ways to share and discuss news, information, and even hiring taking place in a company is through the social media channel LinkedIn. LinkedIn marketing is an effective and easy way to grow and expand a company professionally.  Learn more about a few easy ways to take advantage of this service and see how it can be used for company growth and promotion. 

Take Advantage of Twitter to Promote LinkedIn Updates

Twitter and LinkedIn connect with one another, making it possible for you to write a post on LinkedIn and Tweet it at the same time. If there’s interesting news, new hires, or other changes, this is a helpful way of sharing across platforms without the need to create different content for both. If there’s a company or individual who is more active on Twitter, this is a great way to catch their eye and make them aware of what is going on. It’s useful for new recruits or others who don’t go on LinkedIn often but still make use of social media.

Be Consistent About Company Updates When Using LinkedIn Marketing

One of the most important things about using social media is choosing to remain consistent. This includes posting regular, quality updates about changes, or news within the industry that others might find helpful. People take this to mean that the company is up and coming or has an edge in the industry that others don’t and are more likely to follow. Since social media is one is the cheapest forms of promotion, this is a good tactic to use. 

Choose an Open Profile

It’s worth upgrading a LinkedIn profile to premium in order to take advantage of the open profile feature. Here, it’s possible to message other members, even if there’s no connection. Open profiles make it possible to connect with others who are outside a certain industry or who it wouldn’t be possible to meet with otherwise. For companies looking to expand or individuals who want to make more connections in a different area, this cannot be underestimated in terms of how useful it is.

Learning how to utilize LinkedIn marketing to help a company grow doesn’t need to be difficult or even cost must. With open profiles, the initial price is outweighed by the connections that can be made. Using Twitter is helpful when connecting with individuals from all backgrounds. Finally, creating quality content ensures that people will pay more attention to the company to learn more and watch it grow.