Marketing to Generation Z has presented new challenges to businesses around the world. As new generations have entered the market, attracting their attention and gaining their trust in relationships has shifted. Influencers are one of the biggest adjustments for businesses, as these are people who have gained significant control over consumers. This often untapped resource, when properly utilized can be a key factor in a company’s success and open up new doors, so consider how you can use these marketing treasures to improve your marketing efforts.

What Is An Influencer?

From the beginning of the digital age, people who harness social media have gained traction and through blogging and various platforms, gaining further attention. They have garnered attention for their opinions, stories, and perspective, offering insight and information to their audience, also known as their followers. Influencers are known for their level of influence on the general public, offering their experience for their audience to learn from.

How Do Influencers Impact Marketing?

Much like celebrities, they who have mastered social media have garnered a following and their reach can be impactful. By gaining their endorsement, businesses have the opportunity to reach a larger audience. These impactful people have built trust and recognition from their followers and thereby can bring that to your product and services. With a ringing endorsement from an influencer, you can find yourself with interested clients who you may never have reached before.

How Do You Identify and Choose Influencers?

It is important to first understand your client base before looking for representation. Being as each influencer has carved out a niche following, it is important to choose someone that aligns with your company, the business values, and your client base. Identifying popular hashtags and topics is a great place to start, followed by researching their background to understand their area of knowledge and their level of trust with their followers. This process can take some time, as monitoring their social media platforms is a critical step. The last step of the process is making contact. Not all will be interested, so have a shortlist of folks you may want to reach out to.

Influencers have a significant impact on the consumer and marketing worlds. They have built the trust that is necessary to get brands recognized and the ability to engage with key constituents. However, it is essential to acquire social media experts with your clients, business and needs to ensure that this relationship is beneficial for all.